Speech at Vredeswake Langemark – Marta Barandiy

A speech of the founder of Promote Ukraine Marta Barandiy before 900 citizens of Belgium, delivered at Vredeswake Langemark – a peace vigil dedicated to the commemoration of 100 years of the WW1

“Dear People ! 
Thank you for inviting me here. I am a Ukrainian, and I have the privilege to live in Belgium, in a country in peace, whereas my friends and relatives live in a country in war, an unexpected war that started with the protests on Maidan, called Revolution of Dignity – a beautiful expectation of a better life in a democratic Europe. People of Maidan wanted respect, justice, and the state free of corruption. 
Ukraine in fact is a peaceful country. It gave up its nuclear power 20 years ago, its army has not been prepared for war. This war is a consequence of political ambitions and propaganda which spread hatred between two nations in less than 3 months and keeps doing so coming to Europe. This propaganda has no geographical borders nor is it limited by law, it knocked on your door as well and you have not even noticed. The people of Ukraine are now the playing ball for political ambitions, but you, citizens of Europe, may be targeted as well
And so I stand here today before you to call you upon your participation for a peaceful solution. 
Firstly , do not listen to the propaganda, listen to your common sense and to your hearts that are full of empathy. Thousands of people have died, hundreds of children lost their fathers. Ukrainians are not monsters shown in propaganda news , they are people that are defending your values of democracy, transparency and human rights in cost of their own life, health and jobs.
And, secondly, support Ukrainians by getting involved in their events here in Belgium, make networks with them, visit their get-together, include them into your activities. 
We, the Ukrainian activists in Belgium, have been collecting charity goods and funds to help injured people, families of the dead, and people who lost their everything, because the Ukrainian state has no means to support them. We also established a Platform for Peace for Ukraine where you can participate; we established a NGO called Promote Ukraine where you can become members. 
Come to me and I will tell you how. 
Support Ukraine now because better life Ukraine means peace and prosperity in your homes”
More at http://vredeswakeslangemark.be/ and http://www.focustv.be/nieuws/eerste-vredeswake-langemark