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​Country Branding through Social Media – Workshop

Press Club Brussels 
Rue Froissart 95
1040 Brussels 

12 November 2017 at 10h-12h

The hands-on workshop ‘country branding through social media’ will focus on the methods and best practices of promoting a country with the use of social media, such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. During the workshop, the participants will be introduced to the most effective social media strategies and will learn how to counter disinformation online. The training will provide the participants with a range of new insights to effectively communicate a country’s identity to the rest of the world through social media.

The workshop was conducted by Laurens Soenen. 
Laurens Soenen is currently working as social media manager at the Belgian Ministry of Foreign Affairs. He has a Master in Multilingual Communication from the University in Leuven. Laurens is an expert in discourse and social media analysis. He wrote his master’s thesis about the EU discourse on Ukraine from the Orange Revolution until the Euromaidan. Laurens has been volunteering for the Ukrainian NGO GoCamp and has been travelling to several Ukrainian cities.


Plunge into the atmosphere of childhood – visit circus with Promote Ukraine!
The Christmas is coming on, so it is just the time to entertain yourself and your kids with a nice performance! Promote Ukraine invites adults and children to the Belgian National Circus. Acrobats and artists, circus animals and surely the funny clowns – all of them are waiting for you! Traditionally, we offer a significant ticket reduction.
Price for adults 10 euro instead of 21 (50% discount); children – 5 euro instead of 13 (60% discount)
We make a small surcharge on the tickets, which we will use to send the Christmas presents to children from the conflict regions of Ukraine. Our volunteers are gathering them for us
Register on our site: (link is to follow)
Or via


Visit to the Belgian Federal Parliament


​Belgian Parliament is a very recommended place for visit:  cosy rooms, oldtime paintings, bronze statues, 200 kg gold on the roof, deputies who smile and say hello when crossing you, Elio De Rupo in the lift and the guide with a great sense of humor. 

We spent 2 hours in De Kamer and during that time had a chance to talk to the deputy Nahima Lanjri who was open and direct in her answers to our not always easy questions. Just before we finished our discussion the alarm rang and Nahima had to rush to the plenary room and we ran after her to watch the debates and the voting.

​At that time the labour law concerning the inability to work in the presence of the Minister of social affairs Maggie De Block was discussed. To us as spectators seemed that the left wing parties blocked the changes to the current law: the left side of the room was happy and applauding and on the screen we saw more NO-votes than YES-votes. 

Separate attention needs to be given to the translation issue. Belgium is a three-languages country. It means that in the Federal Parliament there are representatives who speak all three languages. The German is in minority, so during the discussion the German-speaking deputies use French but when they have to speak in the name of the Community they represent they speak German. The problem is that there is no simultaneous translation for the German language, so these deputies give their speech to the translator on beforehand. As for French and Dutch, there are translators in every Commission room as well as in the Plenary. 

Promote Ukraine team and Association of Ukrainian Women in Belgium are glad to have organized this tour and to have welcomed Ukrainian, Austrian, Bulgarian, Belgian, and Argentinian participants.

​Looking forward to the next multinational activities with you! 

Promote Ukraine celebrates two years!


Netwerken wordt steeds belangrijker als vaardigheid in de snel ontwikkelende samenleving waarin we leven. Dit geldt extra voor mensen die naar een ander land verhuizen en daar dus een heel nieuw bestaan op moeten bouwen. Door je netwerk uit te bereiden vindt je makkelijker werk, raak je eerder betrokken bij maatschappelijke organisaties en leer je gemeenschap kennen. Daarom wil Promote Ukraine een netwerktraining aanbieden aan Oekraïners in België, maar ook aan alle andere geïnteresseerden.
De training zal zowel een theoretisch als een praktisch gedeelte omvangen. Door mensen eerst bekend te maken met de theoretische (gedeeltelijk wetenschappelijke) kennis die er bestaat over netwerken, worden de praktische tips makkelijker te begrijpen. De training zal ingaan op het algehele nut van netwerken, maar ook op de praktijk van netwerken. Abstracte vragen (zoals hoe bereid ik mijn netwerk uit) maar ook praktische vragen (zoals hoe spreek ik nieuwe mensen aan?), zullen aan bod komen


Що означає “інтегруватися” в систему світосприйняття іншої людини? Як навчитися враховувати логіку та емоції людей, що знаходяться поряд? Як ефективно спілкуватися, опираючись на знання про тип особи? Кого і чим можна зацікавити? З ким і коли краще використати аргументи? А з ким інтонації, міміку чи жести? На ці і багато інших питань ми будемо відповідати під час тренінгу “Типи особи. Міжособистісне спілкування”, який відбудеться 29 листопада 2015 року.

Що цікавого буде на тренінгу: психологічні практичні вправи, обговорення та спілкування.

Час проведення тренінгу: 10 00-14 00.

Вестиме тренінг Анастасія Праведна.

Мова тренінгу – російська.
GC Luchtbal – Verdieping 2 – Hondurasstraat 6 – 8, 2030 Antwerpen


On 15 August 2015 Promote Ukraine organised excursion to Planckendael, the zoo in Mechelen with the reduction up to 70 %!
Planckendael is considered to be one of the best in Belgium, animals there live in maximal natural circomstances. The territory of the zoo is divided into 5 continenten: Azia, Africa, Europe, America, Oceanie. 


The screening of the film “Haytarma” by Ukrainian and Crimean Tatar director Ahtem Seytablayev organized by Promote Ukraine took place in Antwerp on June 24. This Historical and military drama tells the story of the most tragic page in the history of the indigenous population of Crimea, the Crimean Tatars. Now, after the annexation of Crimea by Russia there are a lot of questions raised about state of human rights on the peninsula. After the screening international lawyers Olena Charvan (Ukraine), Matheus De Moura Sena (Brazil), Ivanna Bilych (USA) presented the results of their legal research on the situation. The event was attended as by Ukrainians, so by Belgians, Belorussian, and Russians. The debates was shark, but interesting.


Promote Ukraine together with Bridge EU-Ukraine and the Research group on Law and Development cordially invites you to a roundtable discussion on the current human rights situation on Crimea  
The roundtable discussion is focused on a research project commissioned by the Ukrainian-American Human Rights organization RAZOM, written as a pro bono service by an international team of lawyers.  The project aims at analyzing the current human rights situation and at creating human rights awareness in the region. Researchers Ivanna Bilych, Olena Sharvan and Matheus Sena, all associated with the project will present their work. They will also present a Human Rights Manual they created for the Crimeans.  
The group  will be joined by Taras Berzovets, initiator of a project “Free Crimea” and by Volodymyr Vasylenko, judge to the International Tribunal for Former Yugoslavia.

Prof. Tom Sauer (International Relations) and Dr. Bart De Sutter (History) will respond to their presentations.
During the second hour of the meeting, a roundtable discussion with the audience will take place.
Prof. Koen De Feyter (Law) will act as chair.

Володимир Василенко: Лише спільні рішучі кроки західних країн зможуть змусити Росію поважати права людини в Криму
В Університеті міста Антверпен відбувся круглий стіл на тему “Права людини на окупованих територіях: справа Криму”. Захід був організований неурядовою організацією “Promote Ukraine” і Університетом Антверпена за підтримки Місії України при НАТО.
Участь у заході взяли правознавець-міжнародник Володимир Василенко, політолог Тарас Березовець, керівник Політичної секції Місії України при НАТО Наталія Костенко, міжнародні адвокати Олена Шарван, Іванна Білич і Матеус Сена, викладачі та студенти Університету Антверпена. Модератором дискусії виступив професор з правознавства Університета Антверпена Коен Де Фейтер.
Під час заходу політолог Т.Березовець презентував свій проект “Free Crimea”, головною метою якого є протидія російській пропаганді та збір фактів порушеннь Російською Федерацією прав людини в Криму.
У свою чергу, правознавець В.Василенко зупинився на заходах, які має реалізувати міжнародна демократична спільнота для того, щоб змусити РФ поважати права людини і виконати свої міжнародні зобов’язання.
Під час круглого столу група міжнародних адвокатів презентувала дослідження “Крим: Право на життя”, у якому на основі відкритих матеріалів були проаналізовані факти порушень Росією міжнародного законодавства по відношенню до громадян України, які перебувають на тимчасово окупованій території Автономної Республіки Крим.


A complex question of human rights in a present-day Crimea was addressed in a round table discussion organised by a NPO ‘Promote Ukraine’ and hosted by Mark Demesmaeker in the European Parliament on 24 June 2015. Three international lawyers, Ivanna Bilych (USA), Olena Sharvan (Ukraine) and Matheus de Moura Sena (Brasil) presented the results of a joint research paper on legal status and the situation of human rights in Crimea, as well as their concrete recommendations for both an internal improvement of the Crimean reality and the eventual interventions from the international community. The presentations were followed by two other contributions by a representative of a civil society, an initiator of the “Free Crimea” project Taras Berezovets, and by Volodymyr A. Vasilenko, Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of Ukraine, former judge of the International criminal Tribunal for the former Yugoslavia. The experts’ voices were joined by the audience in a dynamic and engaged discussion about this important case, while searching for ways to bring more clarity to the issue from both legal and humanitarian perspectives.

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Films of Sergey Loznitsa in CINEMATEK*
10/03 – 31/03 The Royal Belgian Film Archive (also known as CINEMATEK) is screening a large retrospective of Sergei Loznitsa
10/03 Sergey is invited for the opening of the film cycle with the screening of In the fog, his second fiction film.  
11/03 there will be a master class on the subject of documentary film. Later that day, the filmmaker is also invited by EUNIC Brussels for a debate (Ukraine in the eyes of Eastern European Intelligentsia) at 16:00 and by BOZAR for the premiere of Maidan, his most recent and  very rigorous documentary on the current Ukrainian revolution.

Meeting Viktor Yushchenko on the Belgian Platform “Peace for Ukraine” 20/02/2015 at 17:00
Nationalstraat 111
2000 Antwerp
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Visit MOOF Museum in Brussels on 31 January 2015 at 14:00

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Visit Disneyland Paris Ice Dreams Antwerpen

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1 day in the Zoo of Antwerp
Register here to visit Zoo of Antwerp together with group of Ukrainians and get reduction (e.g. the price of the ticket is 22,5 but if you register here and spend this day with us it will be 7,5 Euro ). So join us and bring friends

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