Peace for Ukraine. Platform Belgium

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Peace for Ukraine. Anti-war platform Belgium


Promote Ukraine is a co-founder and an active member of the Belgian  antiwar platform “Peace for Ukraine” initiated by Pax Christi Vlaanderen

Thanks to the Embassy of Ukraine in Kingdom of Belgium we had opportunity to host a meeting with Viktor Yushchenko on the Belgian Platform “Peace for Ukraine” on February, 20 2015

Main theses from the speech of Viktor Yushchenko see here

Pictures and video by Maxim Efimov at Promote Ukraine in Antwerp on 20/02/2005


On Tuesday 13 May 2014, on the initiative of Pax Christi Flanders and Platform Solidarity, different organisations gathered to share their concern over the escalating situation in Ukraine. Around the table were both Flemish organisations, namely Women in Black Leuven, Vrede (Peace) and Pax Christi Flanders, as organisations from migrant communities, namely Barvinok, Promote Ukraine, Polonia, Magas, Belarussian Centre, Chechen World Congress and Platform Solidarity.

Vision of the Platform:

Participants have common vision of a negotiated solution on the basis of respect, the openness to listen and non-violence

Mission of the Platform:

raising awareness with the Belgian political level, the media and society
– showing solidarity with citizens, organisations and movements, that are equally against war, in Ukraine and Russia, but also in neighbouring countries
– building bridges between people in Ukraine and Russia, and between their communities in Belgium
– supporting organisations and politicians in Ukraine in their aspirations to solve the conflict themselves in the perspective of a sustainable, inclusive solution
asking our politicians on Flemish, federal and European level to undertake actions and initiatives in favour of peace in Ukraine

Letter to ambassors who participate in Russian days at the embassy of Russia in Belgium

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On 27 November the meeting of the Platform was held. We  discussed methodology of our work; the future conference as well as concrete help to Ukraine.

On 22 October Director of Amnesty International Vlaanderen Karen Moeskops will join the Platform to share her experience on the trip to Ukraine and to Russia in August-September 2014

The platform was presented to more than 50 people of different nationalities: Ukrainians, Belgians, Polish, Chechens, Belorussians etc. Among them were Wim Coudenys – lecturer of the University Leuven, Maya Stepien – Belgian polititian, as well as Heads of the different  Belgian and Dutch NGOs.
There was discussion with the member of Euromaidan SOS Alisa Aleksandra Novitchkova and with the adviser of the Minister of Culture Yulia Marushevska, several activists from Russia also joined the meeting through Skype.  

See Report of Pax Christi Vlaanderen on the event at

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